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                        2009 Hale Philosothon Topics

1. Given that roughly 50% of the population is female should our political institutions be required to have 50% female representation? (Political Philosophy )

Anne Phillips speaks about Political Representation- Political representation in a democracy doesn't necessarily reflect the variety of people within a society. Most noticeably, there is a much lower percentage of women acting as representatives than there is in the wider population. Does this matter? Anne Phillips believes it does. She explains why in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast.

2. How do we know whether or not something exists if it only exists in theory? Realism and instrumentalism in science. (Philosophy of Science)

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3. Is torture ever permissible? (Ethics)
Julian Baggini- The Pig that wants to be Eaten Chapter 17  (Youtube video)
4   Does sport necessarily develop good character? (Philosophy of Sport)   Click here for stimulus material
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