The following stimulus matarial relates to the topics covered during the 2010 Hale School Philosothon.
   Organising teachers are invited to print out each of the four articles and use them with students leading
   up to the Philosothon. Students who are participating will need to be familiar with the content of all four
   articles prior to the Philosothon and each student will need to submit four questions which together with
   the other participants will be the starting point of the discussions.

  1) Do we own our bodies?
Click here for the resource.
  (This is an Audio presentation with Dr Donna Dickenson on Body Shopping)
  Ethox Centre at Oxford

  2) Is faith reasonable?
Click here for the resource.
Dr Paul Rout - Faith and Reason -University of London

  3) Is beauty purely subjective?
Click here for the resource.
  Immanuel Kant on Beauty

  4) Why Obey Laws?
Click here for the resource
  R. Neurath Sydney Grammar School Philosophy Club