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This page has been developed for students, teachers, judges and facilitators involved in the
2017 Australasian Philosothon to be held at the St Andrews Anglican School in Sydney NSW
on Monday 25th September-Wednesday 27th September.

Latest News: Teams are currently being invited to participate in te 2017
Australasian Philosothon.
2016 Results. See awards list here.
Philosophy Now sponsors prizes for winning schools
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Email the organisers if you have any queries.
A Brief History of the Australasian Philosothon
In 2011 the first Australasian Philosothon took place at Cranbrook School in Sydney New South Wales and
was hosted by the Federation of Australiasian Philsophy in Schools Associations
(FAPSA). In 2012 the
second National Philosothon was held at Bond University and AB Paterson College on the Gold Coast and
in 2013 it was held in Melbourne Victoria. In 2014 it was held at Hale School in Perth WA and in 2015 it was
held at North Sydney Girls High School. Last year it was hosted by Churchie in Brisbane.
See previous
results here.
Invitations to participate in the FAPSA Australasian Philosothon are sent to the winning schools from each
regional Philosothon conducted in the preceding year in proportion to the number of schools participating in
each Philosothon. If there are 8-12 schools participating in a regional  Philosothon, then FAPSA will invite
the top school from that Philosothon. If there are 25 schools or more then the top three schools will be
invited to attend.  If a school does not accept the offer then the next placed school will be offered a place,

Each school sends two 13 year olds, two 14 year olds, two 15 year olds and two 16 year olds... or older. (In
other words Year 12s can be involved) The cut of date for each age group is Jan 1 in the year of the event.  
Due to the distances involved and cost it is sometimes difficult for teams to fill each age grouping. Therefore
it is OK to bring  four 13 year olds and four 15 year olds. These students will be distributed with no point
penalty. If however you have four 16 year olds and four 14 year olds there will be a small point penalty
applied as two 16 year olds will be participating with 15 year olds and two 14 olds will be participating with
two 13 year olds. Please note we are not going to be prohibitive. We want the schools to bring their best
teams but there must be a fair distribution of age ranges participating from each school..
F.A.P.S.A. Australasian Philosothon