In 2020 we are making available software licences for schools/universities and other institutions
to enable them to run a local Philosothon. This package provides your school/ university or
organisation with a mechanism for introducing and running a Philosothon in your area. This new
software package has been developed to assist schools wanting to start up a Philosothon. It will
help your school set up a Philosothon, it provides a communication format for schools to keep in
touch with other participating schools, It provides an accurate and extensive scoring mechanism
for the event and provides statistical reports for each participating school and all other
stakeholders in the event. Once you have purchased the software you will also receive free PD
training and technical support.

Cost- $280- For current or future grant recipients and institutions already running a Philosothon.

Please note that by purchasing the software you agree to the terms and conditions associated
with a licence purchase and as a result of your licence your Philosothon will be registered.
Registered Philosothons have right of entry to the Australasian Philosothon. Schools that are
successful in a local Philosothon are eligible to participate in the Australasian Philosothon. The
Australasian Philosothon is hosted and run by the
Australasian Association of Philosophers (AAP)
What is a Philosothon?
Philosothons are annual events
that have been run in all Australian
states and territories of Australia
and throughout the UK. Research
has shown that the development
of skills often flows through into
learning outcomes in other school
subjects as diverse as English
expression, Mathematics and the
physical sciences. Amongst
students from disadvantaged
backgrounds, the program has
also seen significant
improvements in student
attendance rates and aspiration
levels across genders and cultural
divides .
Fill in your details below if you would like to receive your
software package. Please note the terms and conditions.
Once we receive your registration form we will send you an invoice. We will send you some optional dates for
the PD and on payment of invoice you will receive the software.
The image below is the front page of the software. Click on the image if you would like
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