Registration of Interest
This page has been set up for schools who might like to participate in a
Philosothon. If you are interested in hosting or participating in a Philosothon
then please fill in the following information. (All the resources which have been
used to date will be made available to host schools via a password protected
section on this website.) We have produced a powerpoint about the Philosothon
which you can download by
clicking here. Please fill in the following details and
then click on submit. We will get back to you ASAP with further details about
how you can proceed.
Click here for the Philosothon website.
Please indicate where you heard
about the Philosothon.
Do you want to host a Philosothon
or participate in a Philosopthon?
If you would like to host a Philosothon
are there three/four schools near you
that you know would be interested? Or
would you like us to help you find schools
near by to participate in your
Please note host schools will have naming
rights to the event. It can be named after
your school eg The St Helens Philosothon
or the Fortune Valley State School
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