1st Place - North Sydney Girls High School NSW
Second Place - Hale School  WA
Third Place - Ballarat Grammar School VIC

AAP Most promising Female Philosopher- Edwina Stephenson North Sydney Girls HS NSW

AAP Most promising Male Philosopher - Matthew Blacker Hale School WA

13s First Place - Finn Parker - Cranbrook NSW
    Runner Up- Tegan Field -North Sydney Girls HS NSW
    Third Place- Cam Mc Bean Ballarat Grammar  VIC

14s First Place - Daipayan Mukhopadhyay- Hale School  WA
    Runner Up -Maddy Wang - Ballarat Grammar  VIC
    Third Place - Joshua Turner - Cranbrook  NSW

15s First Place - Larissa Steele - North Sydney Girls HS  NSW
    Runner Up Matthew Blacker - Hale School  WA
   Third Place- Scott Clayton - St Andrews Cathedral School  NSW

16s First Place - Zoe Oldfield MLC WA
   Second - Sally Wang North Sydney Girls HS
   Third - Fern Meisim  North Sydney Girls HS

This is the first time a NSW school has taken out first prize in the Australasian Philosothon and the first time a state school has
achieved this result so well done to all involved at NSGHS .....and it appears that the girls schools are well and truly entrenched
on the winners podium ( 2013 Raffles Girls school won and 2014 North Sydney Girls High School.) It was also great to see a
regional school in the top three schools at this event again.

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mpw@hale.wa.edu.au for more details.
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